About Phillip

Hello World!!!! This is Phillip Edwards. I’m aGraduate of Georgia Southern University with a BS in Public Relations.  I love to play sports.  I’ve tried just about every sport under the sun from rugby to tennis but my favorite is basketball. Aside from my interest in sports I love to listen to all kinds of music from gospel to country. YES I SAID COUNTRY!!!! I think it is very important to me because I have used it to express myself and cope with several things in my life. I also play the piano from time to time whenever I’m feeling inspired or I need to relax.

My other interests include:

  • Food (I love to the process of how its created)
  • Fashion ( The way people express themselves through fashion is pretty cool….wierd I know)
  • Meeting new people (This one is definitely my favorite thing to do)
  • Explore new places ( I love to travel and see news things)
  • Motivational Books ( My favorite is Russell Simmon’s “Do You”)

I like to think of myself as being a unique person that loves life and lives it to the fullest. My motto for my everyday life is definitely “Carpe Diem” which is french for “Seize the Day.” And my main focus is to just have a great time doing whatever it is that I’m doing wether it be something as small as cleaning my room or something as serious as recieving that promotion at my dream job.


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