Tips for Making an Effective Brochure

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Publication Help

After the details of my brochure project were realized I began to research sucessful campaigns that included a brochure in its media. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to go far because the admissions office here at  Georgia Southern has an inventory of every academic brochure at the university. But after reviewing over 50 brochures and doing a little online research I’ve come up with some helpful tips that should be considered when making a brochure.

Tips for Making an Effective Brochure

  • Have  Credible Sources- The most important thing in a brochure is the information that it contains so…….. GET IT RIGHT. Make sure your information is consistent with other publications and products of the organizations
  • Image Resolution is the Key to Great Pictures-  One of the great things about a brochure is the ability to include images to accompany your text. The resolution of the image is very important to the clarity of it on the brochure. What may look clear on the file may not be what comes out of the printer. So before printing your brochure make sure your image are at least 300 dpi  (dots per image) to insure the clarity of your images.
  • Selecting the “Right” Paper – Although the information in the brochure is the most important its also important to select the correct paper to print your project. Most print shops use 80 lb or 100 lb glossy paper for printing brochures. 100 lb stock is surprisingly more substantial than 80lb stock paper without a huge cost difference. Using a heavier paper may convince a potential customer that you are more professional than your competitors.
  • Be Original and be Creative –  Carefully consider what you want to say with your brochure. You can start by looking at your competitors to see what approach they’re taking in their advertising materials. Have they provided all of the necessary contact information? What makes other brochure designs leap out at you?Remember, the fronts of your brochures are all people will see when scanning display racks, so make sure the front of your brochure is appealing and makes prospective customers want to pick it up.
  • Motivate your reader to look inside –The first page your reader will see is the front cover. Get it wrong and you’ve as good as lost the sale. Don’t make the common mistake of couching your services in technical jargon. Think benefits or thought-provoking statements that motivate the reader to pick up the brochure and open it. Add a flash that tells the reader there’s something inside that will interest them – an exclusive invitation, a free report, special discount or advance notice of sales. Don’t be tempted to put only your company logo or product name on the front. It won’t work.

For More Tips visit these websites:

  1. Jeremy says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about having credible sources. Just imagine printing 500 copies of a brochure only to find out there is an incorrect fact boldly placed on the front cover. Those 500 copies are now useless, and the money you spent making them is gone forever. After all that is taken care of, it is great to establish some creativity and originality. So many brochures look the same and send the same message. Making yours stand out is definitely important. I hate the feeling I get after spending a long time doing something that was a complete waste of time, such as reading a pointless brochure. Those are 15 minutes I’ll never get back.

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