Best Practices Presentations

Posted: October 26, 2009 in Publication Help

This week we concluded our “Best Practices” Presentations and I must say I learned a great deal. One of my favorites was learning how to link your twitter account to your wordpress background. I think this is pretty cool because I am a frequent user of twitter and this gives me another thing I could use to link to my tweets. And plus I just think is just amazing how this social network is being incorporated in the other social networks.

I also didn’t realize that WordPress had the ability post polls, embed youtube videos, add audio and personal add different personal touches to your blog. Just from learning these helpful tips about wordpress it has actually moved me to pursue blogging outside of class. 

*My contribution to the presentaton included a short presentation on how to personalize your blog site by inserting images into your background.*

The publising program InDesign was also another main topic of the presentations in which I learned a great deal. I had no clue when it came to InDesign before this class and these presentations  Little things like using the word wrap tool, adding pictures from online, importing font from online, placing backgrounds from online sites withing your publication, and atlering the shapes of text boxes to give your publication a different look have made me a more “InDesign Savy” publisher. The InDesign presentation have really helped me come up with ideas for my brochure.

I really do think the Best Practices Presentation were a  big success and I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way.



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