Posted: September 27, 2009 in Publication Help

When deciding on what font you should use your publication you should consider the personality of the organization. The next factor that should be considered is the size of the fonts. Should it be small like 9 point or LARGE like 72 point. Next should be the readablity of the font because all fonts aren’t has easy to read as others. Matching your fonts and designs with you target audience or public should also be among the most important things in during your brainstorming process. Although a nice font with appropriate size above all your font must reinforce the key message. Some fonts require specialized fonts to convey a particular message while others don’t need as much “razzle dazzle” to get the message across in the intened way.

All of these tips are very useful but some or someone generic in my opinion. The idea style fonts for a business card or letterhead all depend the type of impression you want to leave on the recipient of the business card or letterhead. For example, lively people would use more lively fonts like Bellos, Olicana, and Koziupack with noticable colors like orange, yellow, red, and greens. The idea size for a business card is around 8-10 size font with the company name being the focus of the card (so it needs to be bigger than everything else). 

The designing a brochure you should use 14 point font for the headers and 12 point the rest of the text in brochure. You should also remember that the size and spacing of the your design is also another essential part of desgning your brochure.

For more information about special font visit www.urbanfonts.com

For more information about brochure templates and general stcture information visit www.brochuremonster.com/


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