Brochure Segmentation

Posted: September 20, 2009 in Publication Help

My non-profit organization is the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated. Although Phi Beta Sigma is a greek organization they are segmented into different age brackets. Phi Beta Sigma is the one the most diverse fraternities is the world.  There are chapter all over the United States as well as the Carribean, Mideast, and some regions in Africa.  At the last national meeting there was a great deal of diversity in the members so the brochure will have to be about to cover all facets of the general public, With this in mind my brochure will feature the three international programs that every chapter in Phi Beta Sigma must strive to advance in. (Bigger Better Business, Education, & Social Action)  These sections will not only make the efforts of the Pi Rho Chapter (The Local GSU Chapter) to enhance the community known to the public it will also serve as an example of what is expected of any and every member of Phi Beta Sigma.   Since Generation Y is so dominant in this group themes for the brochure will include diversity, equality, and tolerance. There will also be section considering personal safety and privacy.

Phi Beta Sigma has members from all Economic backgrounds . With this information. Career enrichment, improving home and family life, selfactualization, gracious living and investment information.

The national colors of Phi Beta Sigma are royal blue amd white.  Black is also an alternate color that is frequently used in Phi Beta Sigma publications.  Clip art and images will have a strong theme of community and student achievement.  


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